Student Consumer Information

Columbia Central University is committed to providing prospects, their families, and active students with all the information they need to know to make an instructed decision to study with us based on our ability to meet academic and personal needs.

Therefore, we have assembled this detailed information by category into a series of web pages. These pages are "linked" to each other so that you can access the information with a single click on the corresponding links.

Our campuses are equipped with parking lots, ramps for greater accessibility, accessible physical infrastructure, and classrooms with large tables and chairs incompliance with state law. In Yauco campus physical facilities, there is an elevator to reach the classrooms and offices and a tutoring service in case the student needs extra help (For more information, refer to the institutional policy in the Institutional Policies Manual).

Admissions Policy

Student Consumer Handbook

Student Rights and Responsibilities: At Columbia we want our students to understand that there are some rights and responsibilities in the financial aid process.

Student Privacy Protection Policy (FERPA Act): Columbia is diligent in protecting the privacy and security of student record information. The link contains the policy, please refer to it for more information.

Institutional Policy on Illegal Use and Abuse of Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco: Our University, mindful of its responsibility to foster a work and study environment free of health and safety hazards, establishes this Institutional Policy on Illegal Use and Abuse of Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco.

Institutional Policy on Safety at the University: Maintaining safety on our campuses for students, faculty, staff, and visitors is one of our main priorities. Therefore, CCU has policies, protocols, and procedures in place to manage it. Please refer to the links for more information.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP): Columbia Central University maintains high standards for academic performance, including standards for remaining eligible for federal financial aid.

Services and Facilities Available for Students with Disabilities and Reasonable Accommodations: Detailed information about services, facilities, and reasonable accommodations for students and/or prospective students can be found at this link, in addition to being published in the Student Consumer Handbook.

Credit Validation and Transfer Policy: This link contains information about transferring credits to Columbia Central University. The policy and its disclosure are detailed in the link and in the Institutional Catalog.

Withdrawal Policy, Return of Title IV Funds Policy (R2T4) and Institutional Refund Policy: Please refer to the link below for details related to each policy.

- Withdrawal Policy
- Institutional Refund Policy

Institutional Copyright and Academic Integrity Policy: The University maintains strict measures, which prohibit the illegal downloading of copyrighted material. The policy can be found at this link and is also published in the Institutional Catalog.

Student Outcomes: CCU annually publishes results related to graduation rate, retention, placements, and revalidation pass, for the benefit of our students and/or prospective students.

Constitution Day: Columbia's actions to promote responsible citizenship among our students are explained on this web page. The page also contains useful links to assist students with voter registration.

Cost of Studies and Estimated Costs Calculator: Information about Departmental costs at Columbia are available on this page, along with a web tool to help estimate your costs and financial aid as an incoming student.

Graduate and Undergraduate Costs Table

Financial Aid Code of Ethics: This page contains Columbia's professional "Code of Conduct" regarding the administration of financial aid and private student loans.

Immunization Policy: Information about who is required to be immunized prior to admission to the institution.

Student Population Diversity: This page provides information about the diverse population the university serves.

If you have questions, contact the financial aid office.


Our office is located at the entrance of the main building full time to offer guidance and support. Phone 787-743-4041  

Portal en construcción. Comunícate a tu recinto 787-743-4315

para ayudarte con tu solicitud o servicio.